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Jack & Elizabeth Mount Sequoyah Engagement


November 27, 2018

Jack and Elizabeth are two people who genuinely seem to be made for one another. They are undeniably ambitious and intelligent, but at the same time lighthearted and unassuming. They both love scotch, dogs, traveling, and sports and first bonded over a shared love for politics. They both grew up in college towns in Arkansas but went away for school. They have a shared love of dry humor and their playful banter is as funny as it is cute. Needless to say, we were not surprised at all to find ourselves laughing our way through their engagement session.

Last spring Jack and Elizabeth went to what seemed to be a relatively normal night out with friends. By what seemed like happenstance they ended up at Hugo’s for dinner before grabbing drinks a Maxine’s in downtown Fayetteville. Though it seemed to be a spur of the moment collaborative decision with friends, it was actually a repeat of Jack and Elizabeth’s first date. She thought nothing of it because they were with friends, but while they’re friends hurried ahead down Block street to Maxines, Jack lingered behind with Elizabeth and eventually got down on his knee and proposed outside of Maxine’s. After saying yes, they opened the door to Maxine’s and were greeted by their closest friends and family who had come to celebrate their engagement. It was the perfect surprise engagement! Elizabeth wanted to wait until fall when the trees were turning to take their engagement photos. So we waited until the trees were at their peak vibrancy and it was more than worth the wait! Fall was exceptionally breathtaking this year in the Ozarks and the trees on Mt. Sequoyah were some of the best in town. From there we made our way down to the iconic Greek Theater on the University’s campus just as the sun was setting for a touch of tradition. We loved getting to capture this couple’s love for each other and cannot wait to celebrate with them at their wedding in May!

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